Cavs game!

Sorry for such the late post, but Sidney and I finally got around to writing up our blog post about going to the Cavs game with IPP. It was a blast, and we want to thank IPP for organizing the whole event for all of us.

It was both Sidney and my first time going to a Cleveland Cavaliers game, and we were not disappointed! A little bit before half time, we decided to walk around and check out all of the stands they had around the stadium. We ended up finding a poster making stand, where they provided large poster boards and markers to make signs to hold up during the game. So both of us made a sign to carry for the remainder of the game! We obviously got some good stadium food as well : )

There’s a lot of great photos already posted on here from the game, and we mostly just had copies of those same photos, so we’re not going to upload anymore on this post. But be sure to check out all of the photos that were posted earlier!

Thanks again to IPP for bringing us to the Cavs game!

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IPP Group Activity – Let’s Go Cavs!

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Time for Ceviche

Last weekend, Sidney and I got together at my house on campus to try out one of her Honduran recipes– one that we are hoping to make for the food event next week! We got a ride to the grocery store, bought our supplies, and got to work! The recipe for the night was ceviche. The best I can describe it is fish in lemon juice… and then you dip saltine crackers in it… and it’s delicious. In Sidney’s words, “it’s good, it’s healthy, and it’s cheap!”

And it was all of the above! It didn’t take long to make either, and all of my housemates were also able to enjoy a little bit of it 🙂 We can post the actual steps in how to make it, if anyone wants. We really just put fish, tomatoes, onions, and cilantro together in a bowl of lemon juice!

We can’t wait to share this dish with everyone next week!

Stay tuned for the next blog: The Cavs game!



IMG_0950 IMG_0953

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Fighting Scots Together

This past weekend, Heidi had her last home track meet for the indoor season, so I wanted to go and watch her race. I was able to work the track meet so that I could be there for all of the races, it was so much fun because it was my first time going to a track meet! Heidi is very fast by the way:) She does long jump and the 60 meter dash. After her race I gave her a big hug and told her congratulations. The nice thing was that I got paid while working the track meet, so now I have money so that Heidi and I can make ceviche next weekend together! I am so excited to cook for her, and she already loves ceviche. 


IMG_8086 IMG_1310

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Three Nationalities, Two People

My name is Nancy, I am a first-year from Houston and my partner’s name is Lango, also a first-year from Zambia. Before signing up for the program I had known Lango because of an encounter at Born basement’s laundry room. I briefly talked to him and from there on we would just acknowledge each other. Once I found out he would be my partner for IPP, I was thrilled for the fact that I would learn more about his culture, and also share some of mine. I was born in Houston, Texas into a Mexican culture. My first language was Spanish and did not have an all-English class up until the fourth grade. Even to this day my main roots are centered in an extreme Mexican culture, although Americanized in a way, I am proud to be of both nationalities. After talking to Lango about my culture, he went on to talk about Zambia. In moments throughout him talking, I noticed various similarities to both Houston and my Mexican culture. For example, the biggest holidays celebrated in Zambia are Easter and Christmas, his developing country reminds me of Mexico, the traffic he would talk about reminds me of Houston’s daily traffic, and how soccer and religion are the main things in Zambia but also in Mexico. Talking to Lango about our cultures made me realize that even though we come from different places we still have things in common. Next time I hope to take him to Longhorn Steakhouse to see how close to Texas food we can get.

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Pancakes and Good Conversation

My name is Heidi and I am a senior from Minnesota, and my new friend Sidney is a freshman from Honduras. We’ve seen each other quite a bit so far this semester, but we hadn’t taken the time to sit down and just talk, so we arranged to have breakfast together on this lovely snowy Friday.While we come from very different places (especially climate-wise) it’s incredible how much Sidney and I have in common! We both enjoy volleyball, music, dancing, and our sarcasm levels are on point. But possibly our strongest similarity is our love of food : ) We decided that there were a lot of different foods that we could either try around town, or make together here on campus! Sidney has some great recipes from Honduras that she wants to make, and I’ve got a few Minnesota specialties to show her as well, but there’s also a lot of great restaurants in Wooster that I can’t wait to take her to. We’re going to try and pick one day every week that we get together for a meal. This way, we’ll not only get some delicious food, but some great conversation time as well. Lowry Breakfast :)

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Lunch with a New Friend

My name is Nathan Lapin. I am a senior from Cleveland, Ohio here at Wooster who is currently engulfed in IS. Since I worked on IS for three straight days, I decided to take a break and call up my partner, Charles. Charles is a freshman from Ghana who enjoys music and wants to do something with business, but he is not sure. Yesterday, at around 1, we decided to get together and do lunch. We talked about things we enjoyed about home, current events, and school. Being a senior paired with a freshman, I welcome the opportunity to learn and grow from Charles’ first experiences at college and what he thinks of them. I also feel that I can give some advice for continuing education at The College of Wooster as well as what he can expect in the future. I look forward to more opportunities to get together, whether it is lunch or watching a ball game.

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Nanako & Elisabeth: Teriyaki chicken dinner

Hello! I’m Nanako and I’m a member of IPP. I’m a Computer Science and Math double-major sophomore from Yokohama, Japan, and my IPP partner is Elisabeth.

Since Elisabeth has studied abroad for a year in Japan, she’s much more familiar with Japanese culture than the average American person. Since I love talking about my own culture (I’m a student ambassador representing Japan and a member of ASiA, an organization that hosts events celebrating Asian culture and holidays), we’ve been a good match. We also both love cooking and baking, so last semester we cooked soba noodles and baked apple pie.

Elisabeth is a senior from Ohio (I think she’ll introduce herself in our next blog post), so she’s been a kind of mentor to me. I spent my elementary school years in California so I had the experience of living in US prior to coming to Wooster, but there still are a lot of things I don’t know about American culture and living in the US, especially because I spent all of my teenage years in Japan. So far we’ve gotten together three times – we cooked soba (Japanese buckwheat noodles), baked apple pie, and made a semi-Japanese teriyaki chicken dinner – and all three times we ended up talking for several hours about everything, from life in Japan and in Ohio to other really random things.

189 192

Baking apple pies the day before finals! (and sharing them with friends!)


Yesterday we got together for the first time this semester (we both got through our first week — woo!), and we tried to cook a teriyaki chicken dinner. We cooked white sticky rice, had some instant miso soup and sencha green tea in Elisabeth’s tea pot (it’s from a 100-yen store, the equivalent of a dollar store here, but it’s cute), and then we were supposed to have some delicious teriyaki chicken using a Japanese recipe — but for some reason it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to be. It ended up looking more like a Chinese dish and it didn’t quite taste like Japanese teriyaki. But it was still good, so I guess it worked out.

IMG_2673 IMG_2674

Looks much much more like Chinese food than Japanese food…


After our meal we also had really good tea. I brought the sencha green tea, but Elisabeth had lots of different flavored teas. I think we tried the strawberry-lemon black tea. It was fruity and delicious. I don’t really like sweet things in general (I’m picky when it comes to desserts — I don’t like normal cakes and cupcakes but I like cheesecake, I only like brownies when they’re super rich so you can really taste the dark chocolate), and I don’t like chocolate-flavored tea, but I enjoy drinking fruity teas.

Our next meeting will probably be next weekend – we’re planning a spa night and tea-tasting. Elisabeth will be writing our next post!

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My Classroom Experience

I still remember the first time I sat in an American classroom – the students called the professor by her first name, students spoke in the classroom directly without any signal (raising their hands), one student challenged the other student’s idea… I sat there and didn’t know what should I react, plus my English was not that good.

I couldn’t catch up the back-and-forth conversations between the professor and students, so I thought I must have missed some key information. I tried to ask my classmate questions, he answered it very quickly. I thought, maybe my question was a commonsense to them. I felt that I was an outsider. I wanted to shirk, stay away from them as far as I can, because I looked so stupid. But another voice told me, if I don’t overcome it this time, I will never accomplish a thing in my life.

An old saying – where there’s a will there’s a way.

I started to manage my time carefully, because I need to double my time on study. I read all class materials, wrote down all the questions and ask professors in emails, grasped every chance to ask professors in person after class or in their office hours. The first few time when I asked professors question, they have to explain some of the questions twice to me. I still felt I was stupid when meeting professors, but I knew I was making progress.

Use every chance to prove myself.

Doing group projects is a great chance to improve my communication and teamwork skills, but the first time I was assigned to a team, I did’t feel good. There were two people signed up for magazine editing, and I was one of them. Each of us was assigned to one group. My teammates were disappointed when they saw me came to the group, and one of them said something to the other magazine editor that she tried to have her help with our team. I understood why they would think like that, and I knew what should I do to change their perception – show them the thing I accomplish, let the thing speak for me. After several weeks when our group met again, I could easily feel that they have changed their opinion towards my work and myself.

Now some of my strategies changed, but these two remain.


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Photos from the IPP Launch event – 11/21/14


IMG_1622IMG_1617  IMG_1630 IMG_1632 IMG_1633 IMG_1635 IMG_1636 IMG_1637 IMG_1638 IMG_1639 IMG_1642

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