Nanako & Elisabeth: Teriyaki chicken dinner

Hello! I’m Nanako and I’m a member of IPP. I’m a Computer Science and Math double-major sophomore from Yokohama, Japan, and my IPP partner is Elisabeth.

Since Elisabeth has studied abroad for a year in Japan, she’s much more familiar with Japanese culture than the average American person. Since I love talking about my own culture (I’m a student ambassador representing Japan and a member of ASiA, an organization that hosts events celebrating Asian culture and holidays), we’ve been a good match. We also both love cooking and baking, so last semester we cooked soba noodles and baked apple pie.

Elisabeth is a senior from Ohio (I think she’ll introduce herself in our next blog post), so she’s been a kind of mentor to me. I spent my elementary school years in California so I had the experience of living in US prior to coming to Wooster, but there still are a lot of things I don’t know about American culture and living in the US, especially because I spent all of my teenage years in Japan. So far we’ve gotten together three times – we cooked soba (Japanese buckwheat noodles), baked apple pie, and made a semi-Japanese teriyaki chicken dinner – and all three times we ended up talking for several hours about everything, from life in Japan and in Ohio to other really random things.

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Baking apple pies the day before finals! (and sharing them with friends!)


Yesterday we got together for the first time this semester (we both got through our first week — woo!), and we tried to cook a teriyaki chicken dinner. We cooked white sticky rice, had some instant miso soup and sencha green tea in Elisabeth’s tea pot (it’s from a 100-yen store, the equivalent of a dollar store here, but it’s cute), and then we were supposed to have some delicious teriyaki chicken using a Japanese recipe — but for some reason it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to be. It ended up looking more like a Chinese dish and it didn’t quite taste like Japanese teriyaki. But it was still good, so I guess it worked out.

IMG_2673 IMG_2674

Looks much much more like Chinese food than Japanese food…


After our meal we also had really good tea. I brought the sencha green tea, but Elisabeth had lots of different flavored teas. I think we tried the strawberry-lemon black tea. It was fruity and delicious. I don’t really like sweet things in general (I’m picky when it comes to desserts — I don’t like normal cakes and cupcakes but I like cheesecake, I only like brownies when they’re super rich so you can really taste the dark chocolate), and I don’t like chocolate-flavored tea, but I enjoy drinking fruity teas.

Our next meeting will probably be next weekend – we’re planning a spa night and tea-tasting. Elisabeth will be writing our next post!

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  1. qjiang says:

    Thanks Nanako for posting our first IPP blogpost! I am thrilled by your food! I tried the green tea you made in the Tea Ceremony in IEW, it was good! Hope you enjoy your time with Elizabeth. Looking forward to seeing more posts from you.

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