Lunch with a New Friend

My name is Nathan Lapin. I am a senior from Cleveland, Ohio here at Wooster who is currently engulfed in IS. Since I worked on IS for three straight days, I decided to take a break and call up my partner, Charles. Charles is a freshman from Ghana who enjoys music and wants to do something with business, but he is not sure. Yesterday, at around 1, we decided to get together and do lunch. We talked about things we enjoyed about home, current events, and school. Being a senior paired with a freshman, I welcome the opportunity to learn and grow from Charles’ first experiences at college and what he thinks of them. I also feel that I can give some advice for continuing education at The College of Wooster as well as what he can expect in the future. I look forward to more opportunities to get together, whether it is lunch or watching a ball game.

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2 Responses to Lunch with a New Friend

  1. qjiang says:

    It’s always good to hang out with a friend after a long study time. You are definitely a good mentor. Enjoy!

  2. ABUBAKAR says:

    Good luck with the IS Nathan! I hope Charles will learn a lot about life in Wooster from your experiences.

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