Three Nationalities, Two People

My name is Nancy, I am a first-year from Houston and my partner’s name is Lango, also a first-year from Zambia. Before signing up for the program I had known Lango because of an encounter at Born basement’s laundry room. I briefly talked to him and from there on we would just acknowledge each other. Once I found out he would be my partner for IPP, I was thrilled for the fact that I would learn more about his culture, and also share some of mine. I was born in Houston, Texas into a Mexican culture. My first language was Spanish and did not have an all-English class up until the fourth grade. Even to this day my main roots are centered in an extreme Mexican culture, although Americanized in a way, I am proud to be of both nationalities. After talking to Lango about my culture, he went on to talk about Zambia. In moments throughout him talking, I noticed various similarities to both Houston and my Mexican culture. For example, the biggest holidays celebrated in Zambia are Easter and Christmas, his developing country reminds me of Mexico, the traffic he would talk about reminds me of Houston’s daily traffic, and how soccer and religion are the main things in Zambia but also in Mexico. Talking to Lango about our cultures made me realize that even though we come from different places we still have things in common. Next time I hope to take him to Longhorn Steakhouse to see how close to Texas food we can get.

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  1. qjiang says:

    Yes, the world is like a village, though we come from different places we still have things in common. I can tell both of you are great intercultural communicator!

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