Fighting Scots Together

This past weekend, Heidi had her last home track meet for the indoor season, so I wanted to go and watch her race. I was able to work the track meet so that I could be there for all of the races, it was so much fun because it was my first time going to a track meet! Heidi is very fast by the way:) She does long jump and the 60 meter dash. After her race I gave her a big hug and told her congratulations. The nice thing was that I got paid while working the track meet, so now I have money so that Heidi and I can make ceviche next weekend together! I am so excited to cook for her, and she already loves ceviche. 


IMG_8086 IMG_1310

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  1. qjiang says:

    Meet on the track, good idea~ I am sure you had a lot of fun!

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